SER discusses IRBC with Dutch ambassadors

The Netherlands has a worldwide diplomatic network of ambassadors, permanent representatives and consuls. Once a year, they meet to discuss developments in the Netherlands, the Dutch Government’s policy, and the main events and items to consider in the new year. This ‘ambassadors’ conference’ plays an important role in ensuring that these diplomatic representatives speak with a single voice when promoting Dutch interests abroad.

Ambassadors visit the SER and speak about IRBC agreements with social partners © Dirk Hol

Within the context of this conference, 25 of these representatives paid a visit to the SER on 31 January. The discussion focused on the International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) agreements that the Netherlands is working hard to conclude in various sectors.

SER president Mariëtte Hamer explained how the agreements were negotiated and subsequently safeguarded. She was followed by a panel that looked at the IRBC banking sector agreement and the role of trade unions and NGOs in negotiations and implementation.

The meeting was chaired by Marjan Schippers (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The panel members were Chris Buijink (NVB), Coen van der Veer (FNV), Tom van der Lee (Oxfam Novib) and Alexandra van Selm (SER).