ABN AMRO releases its second Human Rights Report

ABN AMRO released its second full UNGP report on 25 February 2019. The 2018 Human Rights Report builds on earlier publications such as the 2015 Human Rights Guide, the 2016 Human Rights Report and the 2017 Update. In this report, ABN AMRO explains the progress made in addressing its salient human rights issues over the past two years.

One of many deliverables under the Dutch Banking Agreement (DBA) is the preparation of a UNGP report. Throughout this second report, ABN AMRO displays its understanding of the biggest risks to its own people, its clients and the people in the supply chains it finances.

The report outlines the bank’s standards and programmes in relation to human rights. It details the impact the bank is making, internally through its policies, procedures and partnerships, as well as the progress made in advocating for human rights in the business community.

The report uses the United Nations Guiding Principles Reporting Framework and demonstrates ABN AMRO’s commitment to disclose:

  • The bank’s path from theory to practice from 2011;
  • The salient issues it faces in four of its operating roles: as a service provider, an employer, a lender and as an investment services provider;
  • The progress made in 2017 and 2018 on the salient issues privacy, discrimination, labour rights and land-related human rights;
  • The dilemmas and challenges it faces;
  • The views and opinions of its stakeholders and how the bank acts on them;
  • Intended policy changes resulting from the cocoa value chain mapping of the DBA;
  • The dialogue and engagement with clients, including an overview of ESG engagements;
  • The bank’s role as a driver of change, creating impact on the financial sector as a whole and on society at large;
  • Future steps in three leading themes: salience, leverage and grievances.

More information about the report.