Supermarkets provide insight into living wage gap in banana sector

Over the last year, Dutch supermarkets that are part of CBL worked on their commitment to close the living wage gap in the banana sector. The commitment is part of the IRBC Agreement for the Food Products Sector. They worked on this together with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative.

Dutch supermarkets strive for a living wage in the banana sector © the sustainable trade initiative

The living wage gap for about 42 percent of the total banana volume purchased by the Dutch retailers has now been mapped and the average gap is 9 percent. The supermarkets aim to reduce the gap between the currently paid wages and the living wage for their entire banana assortment by at least 75% within five years.

In the coming period, Dutch supermarkets will continue to collect further insight into the living wage gap for their entire banana supply. Additionally, the current results will be analysed and where necessary solutions will be rolled out together with chain parties and other parties of the Food Products Agreement to close the gap.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the Living Wage Banana project? Then take a look at the website of The Sustainable Trade Initiative or the CBL website.