Final training Local Expert Network completed in Uganda

Trade union FNV and Cordaid provided a Human Rights Due Diligence training in Uganda, as part of the IRBC Agreement for the Food Products Sector. The training was given to new participants of the Local Expert Network.


Risk assessment

Participants from companies, NGOs and trade unions from various countries in East Africa were present to take part in this three-day training. These local experts were challenged to apply their risk assessment skills to cases involving a range of commodities. Supply chains were worked out for products such as: fish, honey and edible herbs.

Local experts

The participants brought a great amount of knowledge from different sectors and formed a close and motivated group, ready to perform risk analysis in agrifood supply chains. By bringing experts together in a network, Dutch (and European) companies can easily make use of local knowledge and gain more insight into their international chains.


More information

This was the last of four training sessions for the Local Expert Network. Is your organisation looking for an expert to carry out an in-depth risk analysis in Uganda or a neighboring country? Please contact us at