International Women’s Day: Workshop on gender

On 8 March, parties in association with the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile—Fair Wear Foundation, InRetail and Plan International Nederland and the International Training Centre of the ILO—will host a workshop on gender in the garment supply chain. The workshop is followed by a celebration for International Women’s Day.

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Worldwide, there are many women working in the garment industry. There are specific characteristics and challenges which prevent women from being able to work in a safe and equal environment. Beyond human rights and equity concerns, there is a business case for addressing labour rights within supply chains, and hence advancing women’s economic empowerment at the global, national and firm level. Investing in gender equality and ensuring a safe and equal workplace helps companies to become more competitive and to develop new markets.

During this workshop, we will explore possibilities on the role and responsibility of brands to develop an approach and concrete actions to address gender issues in their supply chains. This training is focused on equipping brands with relevant knowledge and practical skills on gender in the garment supply chain. The workshop includes case studies from Fair Wear Foundation, Plan International NL and UNICEF. The training has been developed by Fair Wear Foundation and the International Training Centre of the ILO. Further info.

Open for registration

Companies, whether they are in the Agreement or not, are invited to attend this workshop on International Women’s Day (8 March). The training—organised by Fair Wear Foundation, International Training Centre of the ILO, Plan International Nederland, the Agreement parties and InRetail—is supported by Unicef, Modint and VGT.

More information and registration.