How can you participate?

Join this leading Dutch multi-stakeholder initiative based on guiding international standards. It enables your company to develop your International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) -policy by working together with other businesses, being supported by NGO’s, labour unions and the government.

Due diligence is the central concept through which risk management of social, environmental and animal impact in your supply chain will be executed and for which collaboration with your suppliers is key.

You receive various tools with which you annually structure and deliver information to the secretariat. These include:

  • Due diligence questionnaire (the guideline for your IRBC policy and the current status)
  • List of suppliers (production locations, as deep down the supply chain as possible)
  • List of materials (you provide all of the raw materials used for your production and will receive information about the impact and alternative choices)

Furthermore, companies are supported with:

  • The due diligence tool which includes all you need to know about developing a proper risk analysis and to stay informed about the running (textile) projects in producing countries;
  • Various workshops, training programs and factsheets;
  • A wews update every two months with recent developments linked to impacts in the garment and textile industry worldwide, opportunities to work on improvements, tools, upcoming events, stakeholders and more.
  • An enormous network.

Contact your industry organisation

The secretariat monitors the progress of your company annually and is your discussion partner for improvement, in which your industry association can also support your company. For more information contact:

If your organisation is a member of one of the industry organisations please contact:
Modint: Nienke Steen,, 06 10 168 716
Inretail: Femke den Hartog,, 088 9 730 626
VGT: Jeroen van Dijken,, 070 4 442 587 of 06 30 080 474

If your organisation is not a member of one of these organisations, you can still support the Agreement of Sustainable Garments and Textile. You can reach us at 
If your organisation is an NGO, you can also contact the SER at

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