Arisa conducts risk assessment in Tamil Nadu to identify risks and strengthen the efforts of signatory brands

Human Rights Organisation Arisa has conducted a risk assessment in the supply chain of signatories to the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) in Tamil Nadu (India).

Textile work india © Shutterstock

Arisa is a party to the AGT. This risk assessment is part of the collective project on combatting child labour within the AGT in South India and Bangladesh.

The basis of this risk assessment is the production locations list of all signatory companies of the agreement, which is annually published. Among 73 production locations in Tamil Nadu that are on this list, off-site worker interviews with 453 workers where conducted. Through the worker interviews, information was collected about the presence and functioning of worker-management committees, the provision of wage slips and the provision of hostel accommodation. These are important indicators for assessing risks on child labour and forced labour in supply chains in Tamil Nadu.

This risk assessment is carried out to support the due diligence efforts of AGT signatories who are sourcing from Tamil Nadu. The research findings form an additional source of information for the identification of risks on child labour and forced labour in supply chains in Tamil Nadu. The consultation of workers (the rights holders) is very important for identifying and remediating these risks. The results of the assessment can be used by AGT signatories in doing their due diligence, to engage and collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders for improving working and living conditions at work floor level.

Following this paper, Arisa has welcomed further dialogue with AGT signatories on measures that can be taken, individually and collectively, to address the identified risks and violations. Several signatory brands are already in contact with Arisa and their local stakeholders to follow up on the results of the risk assessment.