Companies, CSOs, unions and government in dialogue about impact

On November 6 the event ‘AGT’s Next Steps, towards increased impact in supply chains’ took place. The main objective of the day was the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Over a hundred participants to the Agreement for Sustainable Garments and Textile joined the event.

Participants Meeting AGT’s Next Steps, Towards increased impact in supply chains © Dirk Hol

More impact

In round table sessions participants discussed on several themes how to work towards improvement in the supply chain and how they face challenges. For example, challenges on how audits can contribute to doing their due diligence right, how difficult subjects like gender and living wage can be approached and how the use of materials can be more sustainable. By doing their due diligence right, companies know where the risks in their supply chain are, and take on the identified problems in factories. Companies have to take their buying practices into account.

Collective projects

Participants to the agreement start with two new joint projects, other than the collective project about child labour that is already in implementation. At the event, a new project about living wage was introduced, in which all companies will participate. There is also a new project about wet processing in China, in which 10-15 companies are able to participate.


In the third year of the agreement, companies are going to communicate individually about due diligence in their supply chain. At the event companies discussed how they are implementing this communication, considering the criteria as set by the agreement. In a panel Zeeman, Kings of Indigo and G-Star shared their experience with being transparent about their supply chain.


With this event, the agreement offered a platform to companies to get in dialogue with each other and with CSO’s, unions and government about their dilemmas in working towards a sustainable value chain. In solving several issues, companies are making better use of knowledge and experience of their partners within the agreement.