Essenza Home, Rademakers and Kinds of Indigo are welcomed as associated members of the German Textile Partnership

These companies are already signatories to the Dutch Agreement of Sustainable Clothing and Textile. At the beginning of 2018, a close collaboration was founded between the Dutch and German Textile initiative.
Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

One of the goals of this collaboration is that companies can participate to both initiatives more easily, to increase their impact towards a more sustainable value chain. Esprit and Dibella are German signatories that became associated member to the Dutch Agreement.

Essenza Home:

“The reason for our company to become an associated member is that because we are also active on the German market, we regularly receive sustainability questions from our customers there. Through the Dutch Agreement we are of course already working hard on this and through the associated membership with the Textilbündnis we can also demonstrate in Germany that we are serious about our responsible business conduct. The Textilbündnis is better known to German customers than the Dutch Agreement. "

Another way the two initiatives work together is by sharing tools for companies. For example the Purchasing Practices Self-Assessment Tool (which is made available by ACT) is currently used by Dutch and German companies. This tool helps companies to increase their insights into where they can improve their purchasing practices.