Forever Workwear has signed the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile

Forever Workwear is a Dutch corporate clothing company that has signed the Agreement Sustainable Garments and Textile on June 25, 2019. The company – including its brand Indushirt - will work towards a sustainable production chain.
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By signing the Agreement, Forever Workwear commits to doing its due diligence. This means that the company takes responsibility for its supply chain. And identifies, prevents, reduces and remediates risks of negative impact on humans, the environment and animals.

Purchasing practices are an important topic that companies start working on after signing the Agreement. Issues such as price negotiations, delivery times, last minute style changes and forecasts, have a major impact on working conditions. Brands can make a direct and huge positive impact by improving their purchasing practices and address directly a whole range of risks in their supply chain. Signatories of the Agreement must gain insight into the risks associated with their own purchasing practices and improve them.

About this agreement

A broad coalition of businesses, government, unions and ngo’s signed an agreement on international responsible business conduct in the garment and textile sector. The aim is to improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution and degradation, and promote animal welfare in production countries.