International interest evident at packed OECD meeting

How do the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile and the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles work? The two initiatives organised a meeting during the OECD conference on the garment industry on 30 January, where they announced that they would be cooperating more closely.



NGOs, government, trade unions and enterprises work together in these initiatives to prevent exploitation, animal suffering or environmental damage. Jef Wintermans of the Dutch Agreement and Jürgen Janssen of the German Partnership gave an explanatory talk. The OECD due diligence guidelines form the basis of both initiatives This has made closer cooperation possible. 

The questions asked during the meeting included questions about the action plans that enterprises are providing. The degree of transparency in the two initiatives was also discussed. 

International interest

The crowded hall was filled with representatives of international enterprises, governments and NGOs. Considerable interest was shown by the governments of Norway, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland and other countries. Major international fashion chains appreciated the added value and are considering joining.
Enterprises from the financial sector also expressed their support for this cooperation. They called on enterprises to back the extension of the Bangladesh Accord.

A full report on the meeting follows on the OECD website.