Workshop Animal Welfare

Four Paws and Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality organized an Animal Welfare workshop for parties in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile on the 26th of November. O'neill, WE and de Bijenkorf, parties of the Agreement, contributed to the set-up and contents of the workshop.

Workshop Animal Welfare © SER

It covered developing a vision on the use of animals, the most commonly used Animal Derived Materials, setting up a policy and implementing it, monitoring your activities and communicating about it. Participants appreciated the sharing of current methods and best practices between the companies which took part, and learning from other international companies' efforts. Large challenges still exist with regard to traceability and certification standards which exclude cruel animal husbandry practices, and checking certificates provided by suppliers. Overall, the workshop was very well-received and companies felt that they received new insights and tools to further shape their animal welfare work.