Parties attend workshop on sustainable materials

On May 9th, the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles, Solidaridad and Modint organized a workshop on sustainable materials for companies and other parties to the Agreement.

The 35 attendees gained insight about steps they can take to make their products more sustainable. They learned about the risks related to conventional fabrics, and about sustainable material choices for cotton, polyester, viscose and animal materials like wool.

In addition, the workshop covered Certifications and Initiatives like Better Cotton, Organic Content Standard, GOTS, Global Recycle Standard, Responsible Down Standard, and Responsible Wool Standard.

Raw materials is one of the specific themes that is tackled in the Agreement. 29% of all materials used by signatories of the Agreement were sustainable in 2017. More information about the materials and production locations of signatories is available in this factsheet. Signatories to the Agreement increasingly use more sustainable materials to reduce their environmental impact.