Sims Recycling ends participation Responsible Gold Agreement

Electronics recycler Sims Recycling Solutions ends its participation in the Responsible Gold Agreement. The company states that the time required for constructive participation in the agreement does not outweigh the limited influence that the company can exert on the supply chain.

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Sims Recycling was involved in the agreement from the start. The aim of the agreement is to jointly increase the influence in the supply chain with different stakeholders in order to identify and address risks in the area of human rights and the environment.

According to Giuseppe van der Helm, Chairman of the agreement, recyclers are also part of the supply chain in which these risks occur. The agreement covers the entire chain, from mining to recycling. In this way, influence can be exerted on suppliers in all places in the supply chain. “The agreement is a tool for companies to comply with international guidelines for responsible business conduct. Parties that do not participate in the agreement are also expected to comply with these guidelines. I assume that Sims now implements these in a different way."

Other Parties also regret the decision of the company and thank Sims for its contribution in recent years. For example, in the past year Sims participated in a study on companies’ e-waste recycling.

Sims concludes on the basis of its own internal evaluation of its participation in the agreement that it is not in the position to influence small and large-scale mining. "The gold we encounter is in discarded electrical and electronic equipment and must be recovered," said Jan Visser, Managing Director Sims Recycling Benelux. "Because of this we are at the end of the gold distribution chain and have no influence on the mining sector."