Urban mined gold in jewellery

Recycled gold from African scrap phones is reused in high-quality jewellery. This is the result of a collaboration between Closing the Loop and the German jewellery brand VIERI.

Urban mined gold in jewellery © VIERI

This month, VIERI launched its new Essential Collection. The jewellery from the collection contains ‘urban mined’ gold, made available by the circular IT service of Closing the Loop, in cooperation with Drijfhout. The initiative thus contributes to the reduction of electronic waste in Africa. The gold that is extracted from the waste does not have to be extracted from traditional mining.

Large waste streams

Closing the Loop ensures the responsible collection and processing of electronic waste by collecting this on behalf of European companies. A good infrastructure for this is lacking in Africa. The waste contains heavy metals and fire retardants and with incorrect processing this is harmful to people and the environment. About two-thirds of second-hand telephones from Europe end up in Africa. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Read the press release here.


By recycling metals from scrap phones, Closing the Loop turns the waste into social and economic value for local African communities. Part of the income from the VIERI Essential Collection is used for further collection and recycling by Closing the Loop.


Closing the Loop and Drijfhout are both participating in the Responsible Gold Agreement. Within the agreement, research has been done into the recycling of e-waste. It showed that there is still much to be gained in this area. You can read more about this research here (in Dutch).

Urban mined gold in jewellery