Maurits Derksen chair of the Metals Agreement

Organisation sociologist Maurits Derksen has been apppointed chairman of the International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. His appointment was officially confirmed by the Agreement parties last week.

Maurits Derksen chair of the Metals Agreement

Derksen has extensive experience in management and administrative positions in the metals, steel, mining, automotive and energy sectors. He was industry chairman of Energienetwerkbedrijven Nederland and chairman of the European Social Dialogue Committee. Furthermore, he was active in management positions at Quaker Chemical Corporation, Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts, Ahold, Eneco and Alliander.

Supervision and advice

Derksen is currently a member of the supervisory board of the Regionale Scholengemeenschap Pantarijn and member of the collective bargaining delegation for directors in primary and secondary education. In addition, he is member of the advisory board of the Engineering Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen.

Multi-stakeholder process

In the Metals Agreement, companies, trade associations, trade unions, government and non-governmental organisations work together on the implementation of the guidelines for international responsible business conduct. The Agreement parties consider Derksen as a chairman who will be able to steer the complex multi-stakeholder processs in the right direction, by using his experience and motivation.

Building brigdes

Derksen characterises himself as a an independent broker and connector, with an eye for achieving results. In this regard, he aims to support independent authorities and organisations to achieve ambitious goals and results regarding business, people, environment and society collectively. Derksen has his own company, in which he has entrepreneural, directoral and supervisory activities. He conducts these activities for both the private sector and (semi) public sector. He is 55 years of age, lives with his partner and has two daughters.