Tineke Lambooy new chairperson Metals Agreement

Prof. dr. Tineke Lambooy is the new chairperson of the International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. In the agreement, metal companies, NGOs, trade unions and the government work together to tackle and prevent abuses in the field of human rights and the environment in the metal chains.

Tineke Lambooy Tineke Lambooy

Tineke Lambooy is a professor corporate law at Nyenrode Business University, specialising in the area of corporate law, corporate governance and corporate sustainability strategies. Over the last few years, she conducted research into sustainability hotspots in international supply chains for the European Commission.

Lambooy is a corporate lawyer by training and has in that role advised many companies as well as public actors. Her PhD research concerned the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility - how law and corporate best practices influence each other. As a board member of the NGO Stand Up For Your Rights and the Club of Rome - Netherlands, and as a member of the Worldconnectors, she is actively engaged in the economic and social transition towards a circular and just economy. Tineke Lambooy succeeds Maurits Derksen, who was chairman of the agreement for two years.