Van Peperzeel signs the International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector

Van Peperzeel, collector of old batteries, accumulators and metals, has signed the International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. By signing this agreement, the company aims to make a maximum and responsible contribution to the circular economy.

Van Peperzeel © Van Peperzeel

Van Peperzeel, located in the Flevopolder, collects, sorts, appraises and disposes old batteries, accumulators and metals. The company works for national and international compliance organisations in the field of collection and recycling of all types of batteries, among others.

The employees of Van Peperzeel believe signing the agreement is the logical next step for the company. Through its innovative working method, the company actively contributes to promoting environmentally-friendly and economically responsible recycling. This concerns more complex recycling solutions, in which the reuse of products and raw materials is paramount.

By signing the agreement, Van Peperzeel commits to taking responsibility for its supply chains and to identify and reduce potential negative impacts on people and the environment.

Johan van Peperzeel, Managing Director at Van Peperzeel: “As a leading company in this sector, we want to take our responsibility and strive for a maximum contribution to the circular economy. We look forward to share our knowledge and experience and to learn from the other parties in the agreement. By working together on the objectives of the agreement, we can make a positive difference in the international chains.”

The current parties welcome Van Peperzeel to the agreement and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.