Watch NCP Webinar ‘Responsible business in the digital economy’

Recently, the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines (NCP) organized a webinar on ‘responsible business in the digital economy’. One of the speakers was Carine van Oosteren of the SER. The webinar can now be watched and the presentations are available.

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The webinar discussed new developments such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and the opportunities and risks of digitization for international responsible business. Carine van Oosteren, senior policy officer at the SER, discussed in her contribution how the platform economy works. This offers not only new opportunities, it also requires solutions to questions about the use of data and algorithms, and on issues about the working conditions of platform workers. See also the abstract of the SER survey on this subject.

The webinar (partly in Dutch) can be watched and all presentations (partly in Dutch) can be downloaded.