Guidance supports companies in tackling discrimination

The TruStone Initiative has released a guidance to support companies in the natural stone sector addressing discrimination and gender issues in their supply chains. The manual is available to everyone.

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The guidance 'Discrimination and gender' has been prepared to inform companies in the natural stone sector about the risks of discrimination and gender issues in the supply chain, with an eye on the diversity of women and men. People can face different forms of discrimination at the same time, such as migrant women. The guidance is the first step in supporting companies in tackling discrimination and gender issues towards a more inclusive sector.

Previously, the TruStone Initiative issued an English guidance on living wage and several Dutch guidances. Among them a guidance on mapping the supply chain from the quarries to the points of sale. The latter is available to participating companies. All public documents can be found on the Publications page.

Download the guidance ‘Discrimination and gender’.