TruStone Initiative welcomes the City of Amsterdam during kick-off event

The TruStone Initiative is gaining momentum. At the kick-off event to mark the official start of the implementation phase, practical cases were presented to help the participants with implementing their International RBC policy. In addition, the City of Amsterdam was welcomed as a new participating member.

TruStone Initiative welcomes the City of Amsterdam during kick-off event © SER

The kick-off event took place on Friday 22 November at Arte in Helmond, North Brabant. In the Initiative, parties from the Dutch and Flemish natural stone sector work together to create responsible supply chains. The TruStone Initiative was signed in May 2019 and already has 25 companies and several dozen contracting authorities, such as municipalities, involved in it. Last week, the City of Amsterdam also signed the Initiative. The chairperson received the signed documents on Friday.

The kick-off event was opened by the chairperson of the Initiative, Pieter van der Gaag. He explained that under international guidelines, companies and contracting authorities are expected to take responsibility for conditions in the supply chain. TruStone’s secretariat offers them support, and will assess their efforts annually. During the event, practical examples were discussed to help companies and contracting authorities map their supply chains and tackle risks.

The chairperson and the members of the Steering Committee also unveiled the new logo of the Initiative at the meeting.