Guidance to tackle child labour in the natural stone sector

The TruStone Initiative published a guidance to support companies in the natural stone sector to address child labour. Companies that want to learn about how to have a positive impact on children’s rights in their supply chains, will find valuable tips in this guidance. The manual is available to everyone.

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Within the extraction and production process of natural stone, child labour occurs. This fact has been the reason for Dutch and Flemish companies in the sector to join forces though the TruStone Initiative with the purpose of creating more responsible supply chains. This guidance points out how to detect and address child labour. Companies have the responsibility to trace the impact they might have on children’s rights in general within their supply chains. Companies might have a negative impact on the development of children due to detrimental environmental circumstances or poor labour conditions of their parents. Some companies are looking for ways to make their social investments in the living conditions of children where they are active more efficient. This guidance touches upon all these matters with concrete tips for companies.

Previously, the TruStone Initiative issued English guidances on living wage, gender & discrimination and occupational safety & health. Those publications can be found on this page. In Dutch there is also a guidance available on public communication and a guidance mapping the supply chain from the quarries to the points of sale (the latter only available for participating parties). All publications in Dutch can be found on this page.

Download the guidance ‘Child labour & children’s rights’.