Participating parties

The Flemish and Dutch natural stone sector, together with the Flemish and Dutch government, NGOs and trade unions, and a number of individual natural stone companies, are already involved in the TruStone Initiative.

The TruStone Initiative was signed on 10 May 2019 in Brussels by the Flemish government, the sector organisation Febenat, the trade union ACV Bouw- Industrie & Energie (for the construction and energy industry), the NGO WSM (We Social Movements) and the natural stone company Marshalls.

In May 2019, the Trustone Initiative was signed by the Dutch and Flemish government, the sector organisations DI-Stone, Nederlandse Ondernemersvereniging voor Afbouwbedrijven (NOA), Bond voor Aannemers in Tegelwerken (Bovatin) en Febenat, the trade unions FNV, CNV en ACV Bouw- Industrie & Energie (for the construction and energy industry), the NGOs Arisa en WSM (We Social Movements) and natural stone companies Arte, Michel Oprey & Beisterveld and Marshalls. Up until now already dozens of natural stone companies from the Netherlands and Flanders have joined the Initiative.

Sign up to the TruStone Initiative

ACV Bouw- Industrie & Energie
Arte di Granito
Bond voor Aannemers in Tegelwerken (Bovatin)
Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond (CNV)
Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV)
Michel Oprey & Beisterveld
Nederlandse Ondernemersvereniging voor Afbouwbedrijven (NOA)
Government of the Netherland
Vlaamse Overheid
WSM – We Social Movements