Approximately fifty businesses in the garment and textile sector signed the agreement on 4 July 2016. The number of signatories has grown since then. The aim is for 80% of all garment and textile businesses in the Netherlands to have signed the agreement by 2021.

All signatories support the aims and arrangements set out in the agreement.

In the third year after signing, businesses make public what risks there are in terms of working conditions, the environment and animals in their supply chain and what they do about it. The businesses that have signed the agreement, take into account the transparency criteria. After 4 July 2019, the annual assessment round starts. During this round, it is determined whether the communication of third-year businesses meets the set criteria. Business that signed the agreement after 1 January 2017, are not required yet to communicate about these risks this year (2019).

List of participants with date of signature and sustainability page

*This company is a member through Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Overview of brands that formerly participated in the Agreement

Since the start of the Agreement, a number of signatures have been terminated due to bankruptcy, business terminations and takeovers by other businesses. These are valid reasons for terminating the Agreement, and are mentioned in the text of the Agreement.

The following brands are no longer participant of the Agreement:

  • Nieuwenhuis Corporate Fashion
  • Progarments China Ltd
  • Exelle
  • Varova Fashion BV (Ontour, Mees, Gsus, Less, JC Rag)
  • Gsus
  • JC Rags
  • Less
  • Mees
  • Witteveen Mode B.V.
  • Jolo Fashion GmbH
  • Men at Work
  • MC Collignon The Concious Collection
  • Coolcat Fashion B.V.
  • Montagny B.V.
  • Biz-Niz Confectie B.V.
  • Van Engelen en Evers
  • Manderley Fashion B.V.
  • Sandwich (Veldhoven International B.V.)