Seminar on Sustainable Sourcing

16 November 2018


On 13 November, the ‘Sustainable Sourcing Seminar’ was held at Modint. During the seminar, various NGOs, trade unions and social initiatives briefly set out their expertise and explained what significance they could have for clothing companies, in the textile-producing countries as well as in the Netherlands. Participants in and supporters of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile also attended the seminar.

In addition, there were ‘speed dates’ between parties and companies to discuss what the parties had to offer and to exchange contact details.

Acting together

During the seminar, it was emphasised that companies need a network of stakeholders, NGOs and experts in order to carry out sound due diligence. By conducting proper due diligence, companies can know where the risks are in the supply chain and they can work to tackle these problems. Cooperation is essential in this.

Due Diligence tool

At the seminar, Modint presented the first version of a Due Diligence tool with information about the organisations that are active in assessing and reducing risks in production chains. For each country, there is information available about reports, projects, training courses and risks, enabling companies to make a start on a risk assessment that is appropriate to their production chain.

Involved in the IRBC agreement

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