Insurance sector | 09 July 2019

Climate Impact Work Conference at the Dutch Association of Insurers

The financial sector wants to actively contribute to the financing of the energy transition. The International RBC Agreement for the insurance sector plays an important role in this.

Garments Textile | 04 July 2019

Textile companies reveal how they deal with the risks of malpractices

Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile: Openness about risks in sector 'the new normal'

Floricultural Sector | 02 July 2019

Floricultural sector joins forces to press for more responsible production

The International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement for the floricultural sector was signed at the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk today.

Garments Textile | 27 June 2019

Seminar ‘beyond auditing’ takes brands towards systemic change

Early this month we had the opportunity to present the Dutch Agreement for Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) at the seminar ‘beyond auditing’, organised by the German Textilbündnis.

Garments Textile | 17 June 2019

Independent committee on Garments and Textile Agreement issues first rulings on companies

The independent Complaints and Disputes Committee for the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile has issued its first rulings in two separate disputes.

TruStone Initiative | 27 May 2019

Parties pilot natural stone visit Belgian quarry

On Wednesday 22 May, a group of 20 participants of the pilot project on sustainable procurement (MVI) natural stone visited the Carrières du Hainaut quarry in Wallonia.

Insurance sector | 24 May 2019

Directors in dialogue about progress of the agreement

The directors of all participating parties to the International RBC-agreement in the Insurance sector met in May to discuss the progress of the agreement.

Banking | 24 May 2019

Dutch Banking Sector Agreement publishes a paper on enabling remediation

The paper explores the role and responsibility of banks with regard to remedy, when connected to human rights impacts through client relationships.

Food Products Sector | 23 May 2019

Inspiration session stakeholders agreement food products sector

Due Diligence: issues from practice. Which issues do companies in the food sector face when they start due diligence?

Metals Sector | 23 May 2019

Metals sector commits to responsible metals supply chains

Stakeholders in the metals sector are joining forces to advocate for and stimulate international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the sector.

TruStone Initiative | 23 May 2019

Indian partners Trustone Initiative visit the Netherlands

On 23 May 2019, participants in the TruStone Initiative and the pilot projects on socially responsible procurement of natural stone met with Indian partners from the NGOs Arisa and Coalitie Stop Child Labour.

15 May 2019

Senate adopts due diligence bill on child labour

On Tuesday May 14th, the Dutch Senate adopted a child labour due diligence bill (initiatiefwetsvoorstel zorgplicht kinderarbeid). The bill asks companies to declare that they are taking the necessary steps to prevent child labour.

TruStone Initiative | 13 May 2019

IRBC TruStone Initiative launched

The Dutch and Flemish natural stone industry, the Dutch and Flemish governments, NGOs and trade unions have agreed to work together towards more responsible production and procurement of natural stone.

Garments Textile | 06 May 2019

Clothing brands sign letter to Cambodia government after concerning developments

Multiple clothing brands within the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile have signed a letter to the government of Cambodia to express their concerns regarding the labour and human rights situation in the garments and textile industry.

Banking | 23 April 2019

Dutch Banking Sector Agreement visits palm oil plantations in Indonesia

Representatives of parties and adhering banks to the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement recently visited Indonesia as a part of their efforts to map the palm oil value chain.

Garments Textile | 15 April 2019

Nine out of ten textile companies well on the way to meeting sustainability targets

An assessment shows that 86% of brands participating in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) are well on the way to meeting the AGT targets. This is a conclusion of the annual report published by the parties to the AGT today.

Garments Textile | 11 April 2019

Companies attend workshop on water, energy and chemicals

On Wednesday March 27th, signatories of the AGT attended a workshop on the key sustainability risks related to water, energy and chemicals in the garment and textile supply chain.

Garments Textile | 11 April 2019

Clothing companies voice support for the Bangladesh Accord

A number of clothing companies that signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile, are actively speaking out in favor of preserving the Bangladesh Accord.

Garments Textile | 02 April 2019

Report on Asia deepens understanding of risks

The Leiden Asia Centre (LAC) today published a research report entitled ‘Tightening Belts: Two Regional Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia’.

Garments Textile | 14 March 2019

Emma Safety Footwear has signed the Agreement on Garments and Textile

Emma is the first footwear company that signed the Agreement on Garments and Textile. The Dutch company produces safety footwear for different industries.

Garments Textile | 14 March 2019

Companies learn more about labour condition risks in Turkey and responsible sourcing

Today the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile in cooperation with Fair Wear Foundation hosts a learning seminar: ‘Sourcing responsibly in Turkey. How to due diligence?’ for garment brands sourcing from Turkey.

Banking | 08 March 2019

ABN AMRO releases its second Human Rights Report

ABN AMRO released its second full UNGP report on 25 February 2019. In this report, ABN AMRO explains the progress made in addressing its salient human rights issues over the past two years.

Garments Textile | 01 March 2019

Dibella signs the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile

Textile company Dibella signs via ‘associate membership’ the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. The company is already a participant of the German Textilbündnis and develops flat linen for textile companies.

Garments Textile | 18 February 2019

International Women’s Day: Workshop on gender

On 8 March, parties in association with the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile will host a workshop on gender in the garment supply chain. The workshop is followed by a celebration for International Women’s Day.

Garments Textile | 14 February 2019

Workshop on prioritizing risks at OECD conference

How can companies take a better risk-based approach to do due diligence? On February 14, the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile and organizes a practical working session.

Garments Textile | 05 February 2019

Companies help companies at workshops living wage

On 5 February, a series of workshops on the subject of living wage start. The workshops aim to support companies in the social dialogue with their suppliers and improving their buying practices as a part of their due diligence.

Garments Textile | 04 February 2019

Seminar on responsible sourcing in Turkey on March 14

Many companies in the Netherlands outsource their production to Turkey. How can companies make responsible purchases and how to do due diligence?

Garments Textile | 10 January 2019

Kuyichi signs Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile

The Dutch clothing brand was founded in 2001 and is known for their denim. Kuyichi is the 92nd clothing label to have signed the agreement.

Banking | 03 January 2019

ING publishes Human Rights report

On November 16th 2018 ING released its first full UNGP report. In the report, ING looks at five salient human rights issues.

Pension Funds | 20 December 2018

Pension funds sign up to cooperate on sustainable investment

Dutch pension funds are entering into cooperation with NGOs, trade unions and government on sustainable investment. Today, they are signing the Agreement on International Responsible Investment for the Pensions Sector[Convenant Internationaal Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Beleggen Pensioenfondsen].

Garments Textile | 18 December 2018

Due Diligence Tool shows risks in the supply chain

Together with parties and supporters of the Agreement Sustainable Garments and Textile, Modint has developed a Due Diligence Tool.

Garments Textile | 18 December 2018

Workshop Animal Welfare

Four Paws and Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality organized an Animal Welfare workshop for parties in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile on the 26th of November.

Garments Textile | 17 December 2018

Participants in joint project against child labour visit India and Bangladesh

Companies and NGOs participating in the joint project ‘Remedies towards a Better Workplace’ have visited the South Indian region of Tamil Nadu and the Dhaka district in central Bangladesh.

Banking | 10 December 2018

Learning session on ‘shrinking civic freedoms and the position of human rights defenders (HRDs)’

On 16 November 2018, a learning session on shrinking civic freedoms and the position of human rights defenders (HRDs) was held at the Dutch development bank FMO.

Banking | 07 December 2018

Parties agreement participate in UN Forum

Parties to the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement participated in the annual UN Forum in November. This Forum on business and human rights took place in Geneva, to which representatives of states and businesses attended.

Garments Textile | 29 November 2018

Buying Practices Workshop

On November 23, the workshop ‘Due diligence in your purchasing practices’ was held about how price quotation, terms of payment & forecasting can be done in a sustainable way.

Garments Textile | 26 November 2018

Agreement sends joint letter to Bangladeshi government

The Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh about improving and insuring worker safety in the Bangladeshi garment sector.

Garments Textile | 16 November 2018

Seminar on Sustainable Sourcing

On 13 November, the ‘Sustainable Sourcing Seminar’ was held at Modint. During the seminar, various NGOs, trade unions and social initiatives briefly set out their expertise and explained what significance they could have for clothing companies, in the textile-producing countries as well as in the Netherlands.

Garments Textile | 15 November 2018

Collective project on living wage started

The theme ‘living wage’ is addressed specifically in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. The Parties that drew up the Agreement together regard a living wage and social dialogue as essential themes.

14 November 2018

Much interest in IRBC agreements at Brussels conference

How can multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the Dutch IRBC agreements contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals? That was the question addressed during the conference ‘SDGs and Initiatives for Sustainable Global Value Chains’ in Brussels.

Garments Textile | 08 November 2018

New signatory to Garments and Textile Agreement: Ducky Dons

Ducky Dons Nederland B.V. has signed the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. The Dutch company focuses on sleeping comfort with their own production line. Ducky Dons sells duvets and pillows.

Garments Textile | 08 November 2018

Fabienne Chapot signs Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile

The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile has acquired a new signatory: Fabienne Chapot (Fab B.V.). Fabienne Chapot is a Dutch fashion brand for women and is known for their colourful collection with all over prints.

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