Lessons for financial institutions’ human rights due diligence in the private security sector


Private security companies often operate in high-risk areas. This involves major human rights risks, which are often overlooked in screenings and risk analyses. During a webinar, organized recently by PAX and Achmea Investment Management together with the international RBC Agreement for Pension Funds, experts gave information and recommendations on how pension funds can identify, prevent and mitigate risks in the private security sector. The recording of the webinar, recommendations and useful documents are now available.

Sustainability does not just come out of the blue


Both international RBC agreements, insurers and pension funds, are jointly involved in a collective engagement process aimed at preventing further loss of biodiversity. During a field visit to an organic farm, inspiring conversations arose between financial institutions, the government, science, NGOs and farmer Jan Wieringa. A longread on the visit is available.

Access to Remedy: a matter of patience


Endurance, being tenacious and working together: that is the basis for the success of Access to Remedy. This is one of the three pillars of the United Nations Guiding Principles, which were central to a case session.

Agreement shares frameworks responsible business conduct


The insurers, the government, NGOs and trade unions, united in the IRBC agreement in the insurance sector, have developed five frameworks for themes around the environment, social conditions and corporate governance. These thematic frameworks bring together relevant international legislation and regulations, tips and other support that an insurer can use when investing in risky sectors.

Small and medium-sized insurance companies on track.


In the summer of 2018, sector organizations in the insurance sector have signed the IRBC agreement on international responsible investment in the insurance sector. The agreement is binding for all affiliated insurers

Annual report 2018-2019 Agreement for International Responsible Investment in the Insurance Sector


In its annual report 2018-2019 the Agreement for International Responsible Investment in the Insurance Sector, looks back on the first year of the agreement and on the initial findings and recommendations of the monitoring committee.

Climate commitment in progress within Agreement Insurance Sector Agreement


On 10 July, the Dutch financial sector signed a commitment to contribute to the national Climate Agreement. The Carbon Accounting Financials Platform has developed a method to calculate the CO2 impact of investments.

Second practical case discussed within Agreement insurance sector


Parties in the Agreement in the insurance sector have jointly worked out a second case for international responsible investment (IMVO).

Climate Impact Work Conference at the Dutch Association of Insurers


The financial sector wants to actively contribute to the financing of the energy transition.

Directors in dialogue about progress of the agreement


The directors of all participating parties to the International RBC-agreement in the Insurance sector met in May to discuss the progress of the agreement. Topics that were discussed included progress within various working groups, the climate change and some practical cases.