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Limited liability

The Council makes every effort to regularly update and/or add to the contents of the website. Despite that care and attention, it is possible that the contents may be incomplete or incorrect. The contents may also change at any time without the Council announcing this in advance. The Council expressly disclaims any liability regarding the correctness or completeness of the information provided and whether it is up to date, and regarding the use (or uninterrupted use) of the website. The Council also does not guarantee that the website will function flawlessly or uninterruptedly. The Council accepts no liability for hyperlinks on the website that link to websites or services of third parties.


All intellectual property rights in respect of information provided on the website (including all texts, graphics, and logos) are vested in the Council and its licensors. Unless otherwise specified in provisions of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), these materials may not be distributed or published without the written consent of the Council. It is prohibited to include web pages or individual elements of the website (such as images, videos, or interactive applications) in another webpage without explicit consent if this may lead to confusion about the origin of the material.

Portrait right

The photos on this website are purely for illustration purposes. There is not necessarily any connection between the persons and situations depicted in photos and matters that are dealt with on the website. Should you find yourself depicted recognisably in a photo on the website and you object to this, you can notify the Council to that effect.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the contents of this website (and its use), about portrait right or about this disclaimer, please contact InternationalRBC-agreements@ser.nl.

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