FME intensifies cooperation with IRBC Agreement for the Metals Sector

FME, the business association for the technology industry, has been involved as a supporting organisation of the Metals Agreement since its launch in 2019. To further strengthen the ties with the Agreement, the organisation is joining the Metals Agreement as a party.

© Shutterstock / Robert Kneschke

The Metals Agreement is in its final stage of implementation after five years of cooperation. Since parties have made many steps during these five years, they see the usefulness and necessity of continuing the cooperation through an Agreement. Conversations on a follow-up initiative are therefore in full swing. For FME, this phase is the right time to intensify cooperation with the Agreement parties and to actively contribute in the discussions on the starting points of a follow-up cooperation in the metals sector.

FME's 2,200 members are techno starters, trading companies, medium-sized and small industry and large industry/multinationals, among others operating in the metals, electronics, electrical engineering and plastics sectors. Further promoting and facilitating the sustainability of the sector is one of the key priorities in FME's new multi-year strategy. FME believes it is important that member companies also take their responsibility outside the Netherlands and thus do business in an internationally socially responsible way. The technology industry has long and complex supply chains, which stretch all over the world. In these chains, metals are important raw materials. Therefore, FME wants to work on sustainable supply chains for metals supply in collaboration with the parties to the Metals Agreement.

Theo Henrar, Chairman of FME: "By joining the Metals Agreement, we want to be a connecting factor and help our members to get started with making their supply chains more sustainable. In doing so, we hope to make use of the knowledge and expertise already present within the Agreement, but also to contribute our own best practices and insights from our members."

Parties to the Metals Agreement are enthusiastic about this development and look forward to working closely with FME.