Kasius Sieraden B.V. signs IRBC Agreement for the Metals Sector

Jewellery company Kasius has signed the IRBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. By participating in the agreement, the company aims to develop new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and promote responsible practices in the supply chain.

Jeweler edits a gold ring © Shutterstock / badahos

Family business Kasius has been active for almost 40 years and is the market leader in the jewellery industry for both gold and silver jewellery. Jewellery is supplied from stock to jewellers at home and abroad. Company representatives are therefore in contact with a large number of parties in the value chain.

Kasius sees that more and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility. The company is therefore constantly looking for new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and promote responsible practices in its supply chain. Kasius recently obtained the RBC quality mark according to the ISO-26000 standard. As a distributor of jewellery, Kasius hopes to set an example for the overall jewellery industry by participating in the agreement.

Kasius Sieraden B.V., “The demand for sustainable jewellery has steadily increased in recent years, driven by consumers who not only strive for stylish accessories, but also want to contribute to a more sustainable world. Kasius has closely monitored this shift in market demand and is committed to developing a collection that meets the expectations of modern consumers and contributes to setting up a more sustainable organisation.”

The participating parties welcome Kasius Sieraden B.V. to the agreement and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

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