Wholesaler MCB signs IRBC Agreement for the metals sector

Metals wholesaler MCB signed the IRBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. By acceding to the agreement, the company aims to further professionalise the actions it is already taking to reduce its impact on the environment. MCB is the first metals wholesaler to join the agreement, after metal processors and recyclers already joined. This marks the next step in realizing a responsible metal chain.

MCB, based in Valkenswaard, has been active in the Netherlands for more than 80 years. The wholesaler has sales offices in Germany, Belgium and France too and imports metals from all over the world. From its stock and production locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, the company supplies custom metals to various industries. These include products in aluminium, stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, bronze and titanium.

Responsible business conduct has become increasingly prominent on MCB's agenda in recent years. The company already undertook several activities to reduce its direct impact on the environment, such as installing solar panels and reusing and recycling materials.

Because of the large amount of metals purchased from suppliers, MCB believes it still has a lot to gain in terms of environmental impact in the chain. By participating in the agreement, MCB hopes to gain new insights and to acquire an even better picture of the risks at suppliers. The IRBC experts involved in the agreement will help MCB with risk analyses and drawing up action plans to implement possible improvements. By cooperating with the other companies in joint projects, a greater impact can be achieved than alone.

Serge Timmermans, CCO of MCB: "In addition to other aspects of responsible business conduct, sustainability is becoming increasingly important at MCB. We are working hard to reduce our own CO2 emissions by half. But we also engage in discussions with customers and suppliers to share knowledge and information and investigate the possibilities of greener alternatives in product, packaging and transport. We keep raising the bar, conscious of that necessity and realise that we must tackle this together as a value chain. That is why we are happy to join the agreement."

The participating parties welcome MCB to the agreement and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

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