Agreement launches due diligence tool

The International RBC Agreement for the Metals sector launches a new online due diligence tool for companies. This allows companies to meet their due diligence obligations, monitor progress and improve their processes in an easy way.

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The online tool is based on the OECD due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct and contains elements from different steps of the due diligence process. For example, the tool offers a tailor-made questionnaire, based on the position of the company in the value chain and the materials used. It maps the extent to which the OECD guidelines are already being applied and where improvements can be made.

Furthermore, the tool helps companies to gain insight into their value chains, by collecting information about business relationships, materials and the countries of origin of secondary/ raw materials. Using this information, companies can determine which adverse impacts for people and the environment are potentially or actually associated within their supply chains.

After completing the tool, the companies receive tailor-made advice in the form of an action plan. This sets companies up to get started on improving their due diligence processes with the support of the other Parties to the Agreement. It is also possible to consult data sources for analysing and assessing risks in their value chain. These are, for example, thematic reports from NGOs, databases and indices on human rights, working conditions and the environment. Finally, the tool contains templates for drawing up an international RBC policy and a due diligence report.

If it turns out that several companies encounter similar problems, the Parties will work together to resolve those. For example, by organising knowledge sessions on a specific topic or conducting research into a specific risk or specific region.

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