Mitsubishi Corporation new member IRBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector

The International RBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector is expanding with Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) as party to the agreement. Mitsubishi Corporation acquired Eneco group, one of the founding members of the agreement, in 2020, and was eager to join the agreement themselves. This brings the total number of companies, organisations and governments involved to 52.

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In the agreement, solar and wind energy companies, trade unions, NGOs and the Dutch government work together with the aim of promoting international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the renewable energy sector. This is done by jointly identifying risks in the value chain in the field of human rights and the environment and addressing or preventing them, for example through collective projects. A total of 33 companies from the solar and wind sector are currently participating. They are active in various links of the value chain and are in contact with a broad network of suppliers and customers. Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is eager to contribute to and align with the shared principles and goals set forth by the IRBC Agreement, focusing on the scope of offshore wind in the Netherlands.

The values upheld by the IRBC Agreement resonate with MC’s own dedication to ethical conduct, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, and are reflected  by MC's core philosophy: “We recognize the critical role of the renewable energy sector for the future of our planet, that we are fully committed to be the proactive participant in this field. By becoming a member of the IRBC Agreement, we are thrived to be collaborating with like-minded organizations, sharing best practices with the other participants, and collectively driving the industry towards higher levels of sustainability. Not just about the energy transition, we do also put value on joint collaboration with the others, for the better tomorrow.”

Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its global network of around 1,800 group companies. MC has eight Business Groups that operate across virtually every industry: Environmental Energy, Materials Solution, Mineral Resources, Urban Development & Infrastructure, Mobility, Food Industry, Smart-Life Creation and Power Solution. With an unwavering commitment to conducting business with integrity and fairness, MC is dedicated to growing its businesses while contributing to a prosperous society.  MC has a goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and also established integrated energy transformation/digital transformation initiatives to create a new future as a company-wide theme for business development.

For MC, as a global company involved in businesses across a wide range of products and services worldwide, respect for human rights is a key management issue, and expects to share this value with  all its employees as well as expects its suppliers to understand, embrace and abide by them. In addition the company recognizes the critical importance of natural capital, including biodiversity, and is committed to maintaining, protecting, and restoring it. MC also believes that while climate change poses significant business risks, it also presents the world with opportunities for innovation, disruption and growth.

Eneco Group, founding member IRBC Agreement

Part of MC's strategy to transit towards renewable energy generation is the acquisition of Eneco Group in 2020. Since the moment of acquisition, the company has experienced that the shared renewable energy ambitions of both companies have created a mutually beneficial partnership between MC and Eneco, enabling both companies to mutually reinforce each other, facilitating them to learn from each other and leverage each other's strengths. The combined efforts and leverage of MC and Eneco can help ensure the most positive possible impact on the people and environments that are affected by their activities.

“We are committed to conducting fair and sound business activities in accordance with our corporate philosophy "The Three Corporate Principles", and we believe that our commitment to a sustainable supply chain, which is fundamental of our business, could be strengthened by joining IRBC Agreement. We have been engaging in renewable energy business in Europe through Eneco, and we further devote ourselves to a greater transparency especially in Dutch wind business together with Eneco” - Mr. Yasuo Ohashi / Division COO, International Power Division, Power Solution Group, Mitsubishi Corporation.

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