IRBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector is expanding

The IRBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector is expanding with the ABP Pension Fund as a supporting organisation and the companies SSE Renewables (The Netherlands) Holdings B.V. and Van Oord Offshore Wind as parties to the agreement. This brings the total number of companies, organisations and governments involved to 37.

Windmills at sea © Shutterstock

In the agreement, solar and wind energy companies, trade unions, NGOs and the government work together with the aim of promoting international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the renewable energy sector. This is done by jointly identifying risks in the value chain in the field of human rights and the environment and adressing or preventing them, for example through collective projects. See the full overview of participants.

Harmen van Wijnen, Chairman of ABP: “ABP wants to offer its participants a good pension in a liveable world, now and in the future. That is why we invest in renewable energy projects that can contribute to a good pension and at the same time help with the transition from fossil to clean energy. That is why ABP has signed the International Responsible Business Conduct Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector as a supporting organisation. We have had measurable objectives for investing in renewable energy for years and recently founded Noordzeker together with APG and wind farm developer SSE Renewables. Noordzeker focuses on the large-scale generation of wind energy in the North Sea: sustainable energy from and for the Netherlands.”

Kate Wallace Lockhart, Head of Sustainability SSE Renewables (The Netherlands) Holdings B.V.: "By participating in the IRBC Agreement, SSE Renewables wants to reaffirm its commitment to apply internationally recognized guidelines (UN/OECD) in all our activities, including Noordzeker. Noordzeker is a partnership of SSE Renewables with ABP and APG that focuses on large-scale wind energy generation in the North Sea. We are particularly looking forward to working with the IRBC partners to address negative impacts as well as to work towards sustainable supply chains."

Karen Vennik, commercial director at Van Oord Offshore Wind: “The demand for energy is growing and a renewable energy system is essential to providing the energy needed for the future. As an international community and also as an international marine contractor we are at the beginning of the energy transition. We are eager to contribute to this. Doing our projects in a responsible and sustainable way is not only the right way, but also the way to do business in the future. Working together in this agreement gives us the opportunity to learn and improve, but also to share our expertise and best practices with other partners.”