Webinar International Responsible Business Conduct in Renewable Energy Supply Chains

In the light of the climate emergency and increased geopolitical tensions, the energy transition becomes increasingly important. At the same time, the renewable energy value chain is associated with risks and impacts for people and the environment. The SER and the Danish Institute for Human Rights organised a webinar about this topic on 7 September. The recording is now available.

This webinar will provide you with insights on human rights and environmental risks and impacts in renewable energy supply chains globally. Experts from civil society, industry and knowledge institutions shared their perspectives in two panel discussions.

What you will learn:

  • After the webinar you will have a better understanding what the most salient challenges in wind and solar energy value chain are;
  • You will have a better understanding which tools and guidance are available to support you in this process;
  • You will get more insights in how multi-stakeholder initiatives in the sector work and what such a sectoral approach can bring to implement due diligence.

Existing challenges

The first panel focussed on the existing challenges in the wind and solar energy sectors, sharing examples from Europe and globally. Wijnand van Hooff (General Manager Holland Solar), Ana Gabriela Factor (Chief Adviser Energy Transition and Human Rights Danish Institute for Human Rights), Heleen Van Den Hombergh (Senior Expert Agro-Commodities IUCN NL) and Zwanny Naber (Metals Sector Negotiator & Representative at trade union FNV) shared their thoughts and experiences. This panel was moderated by Alexandra van Selm ( Program Director IRBC SER).

Practical solutions

In the second panel, several practical solutions where introduced to tackle challenges in the value chain and to prepare for due diligence legislation. The second panel was moderated by Tulika Bansal (Senior Adviser Business and Human Rights Danish Institute for Human Rights) with the following speakers: Seljan Verdiyeva-Smeets (Senior Policy Officer SER), Arjan Pouw ( Senior Sustainability Advisor Vattenfall), Sarah Dolton-Zborowski (Founder and CEO Cosilience), Nora Mardirossian (Senior Legal Researcher Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment), Matthéüs van de Pol (Program Leader Circular Manufacturing Industry at Ministry EZK),

Saksham Nijhawan (Principal Strategist Energy and Climate Change Forum for the Future).