Webinar International Responsible Business Conduct in Renewable Energy Supply Chains

In the light of the climate emergency and increased geopolitical tensions, the energy transition becomes increasingly important. At the same time, the renewable energy value chain is associated with risks and impacts for people and the environment. The SER and the Danish Institute for Human Rights will organise a webinar about this topic on 7 September.


This webinar will provide you with insights on human rights and environmental due diligence risks and impacts in renewable energy supply chains globally. It will offer the latest information on due diligence practices and initiatives to address those risks.

What you will learn:

  • After the webinar you will have a better understanding what the most salient challenges in wind and solar energy value chain are;
  • You will have a better understanding which tools and guidance are available to support you in this process;
  • You will get more insights in how multi-stakeholder initiatives in the sector work and what such a sectoral approach can bring to implement due diligence.

More information

The webinar will take place on 7 September at 15:00 – 16:30 CET. More information about the program and the registration form can be found on the event website.