Seaway7, Jan De Nul Group and ZonUnie new members IRBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector

The IRBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector is expanding with Seaway7, Jan De Nul Group and Zonunie as parties to the agreement. This brings the total number of companies, organisations and governments involved to 47.

Large solar park © Shutterstock / Kenneth Bagge Jorgensen

In the agreement, solar and wind energy companies, trade unions, NGOs and the Dutch government work together with the aim of promoting international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the renewable energy sector. This is done by jointly identifying risks in the value chain in the field of human rights and the environment and addressing or preventing them, for example through collective projects. A total of 28 companies from the solar and wind sector are currently participating. They are active in various links of the value chain and are in contact with a broad network of suppliers and customers.

Seaway7 Offshore Contractors BV

Through the construction of offshore wind farms, Seaway7 supports bringing sustainable, renewable energy to the world. It is the company’s core business. They have contributed to more than 11 GW of installed capacity since they entered the offshore wind market in 2009.

“Seaway7 is equally committed to ensuring sustainable practices run throughout our business. Responsible business conduct requires a systemic and risk-based approach, in which cooperation is essential for maximum impact. The broad alliance of the IRBC sector agreement facilitates a multi-stakeholder approach across the sector. We look forward to collaborating in the topical workgroups to share learning and development, to further advance the sector and our own organization.” - Harke Jan Meek, Chief Commercial Officer at Seaway7.

Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul Group is active in the renewable energy sector as a marine contractor with expertise in offshore services. Their extensive fleet and integrated approach enables the company to perform all activities throughout the entire life cycle of offshore structures.

“Jan De Nul Group looks forward to work together within the energy sector to achieve our shared goals for responsible business conduct. We work together for a sustainable and fair energy transition.” - Hannelore Ruytjens, Sustainability Manager at Jan De Nul Group.

Zonunie Development B.V.

ZonUnie, part of WindUnie, works together with land owners and local residents to develop large solar meadows outside the built environment. Together, the company wants to make major strides in making the energy supply more sustainable.

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