Join us!

There is a growing expectation towards companies to have robust human rights and environmental due diligence. No company is immune to negative risks. However, not taking adequate steps to establish proper and robust human rights and environmental due diligence can have a substantial impact on the company’s business. It can lead to reputational damage, lack of trust, as well as loss of investment and partnerships.

Why join us?

Through this Agreement, your company will:

  • Improve human rights and environmental due diligence practices and decrease risks to business operations
  • Advance positive change in the supply chain, by working together with the other parties to tackle abuses and misconduct in the area of human rights and environment standards
  • Gain access to various human rights and environmental due diligence tools. This includes also one-on-one support and account management services provided by the secretariat to the companies in advancing their due diligence practices
  • Gain competitive advantage in public tender and procurement processes through improved due diligence processes
  • Gain a positive reputation in sustainability practices

What is expected from you?

Once the agreement is signed and the implementation phase begins, you are expected to implement due diligence in line with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. You will have access to the due diligence instruments and assistance of the secretariat to help you along the way.

Companies, irrespective of size, organisation type, position in the supply chain or level of knowledge on international responsible business conduct, are welcome to join the process.

More information and contact

An organisation wishing to have more information about the agreement may request an informal meeting with the secretariat of the International RBC Agreement for the Renewable Energy Sector by using the contact form on the website or sending an e-mail to