Closing the Loop commits to Child Labour Policy


Closing the Loop and Stop Child Labour/Hivos, both part of the Dutch Gold Sector International Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) Agreement, have worked together to formulate a clear and effective policy on child labour for Closing the Loop.

Recycling e-waste: alternative to gold mining but not without risks


The recycling of gold from used electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) can be a golden opportunity for progress towards the attainment of a more circular economy for electronic devices and an alternative to primary gold mining.

Parties to Agreement help to improve small-scale gold mines


A number of parties to the Responsible Gold Agreement are working to give gold from small-scale mines a place in their supply chain in a responsible manner. With these efforts, they are taking practical steps in order to have a positive impact.

Sims Recycling ends participation Responsible Gold Agreement


Electronics recycler Sims Recycling Solutions ends its participation in the Responsible Gold Agreement. The company states that the time required for constructive participation in the agreement does not outweigh the limited influence that the company can exert on the supply chain.

Urban mined gold in jewellery


Recycled gold from African scrap phones is reused in high-quality jewellery. This is the result of a collaboration between Closing the Loop and the German jewellery brand VIERI.

Steltman Jewellers signs Dutch Responsible Gold Agreement


Steltman Jewellers has become party to the Dutch Responsible Gold Agreement. With two exclusive shops in The Hague, Steltman is one of the Netherlands’ oldest and best known jewellers, with its own studio and a clientele that includes royalty. It is the latest party to join the Dutch Responsible Gold Agreement.

Due diligence workshop lays the foundation for the real work


The participants in the Agreement Responsible Gold have opened the door to due diligence. The interpretation, examples and experiences exchanged in a workshop on the subject will be the springboard for the individual participants to get down to work in this area. Eleven of the agreement’s twenty participants took part in the workshop.

New partner joins Dutch Gold Agreement


The Dutch Responsible Gold Agreement has welcomed a new partner. Coolrec, a gold recycling firm, is joining the partnership. Coolrec, a subsidiary of Renewi (previously Van Gansewinkel), recovers gold and other materials from discarded devices and appliances.

Joint forces to tackle child labor – from gold mines to the electronics supply chain


While developing the Gold Covenant, several NGOs that are experts in addressing child labor and responsible mining (Hivos/Stop Child Labour (SCL), UNICEF, Fairtrade and Solidaridad) partnered up with two sustainable frontrunners in the electronics industry - Fairphone and Philips. The parties agreed to join forces with the aim of tackling child labor in Uganda by working closely with mining communities and connecting more responsible gold to the supply chains of Philips and Fairphone.

Gold value chain cooperates for responsible gold


International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement for responsible gold value chain signed: Know, Show and Improve

The Dutch gold sector is cooperating to ensure responsible business conduct in the international gold value chain. Today, electronics manufacturers and jewellery makers, gold recycling firms, civil society organisations and the Dutch government signed the Dutch Gold Sector International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement. Their aim is to ensure greater respect for human rights, the environment and biodiversity throughout the chain, from mining to recycling. The first project under the agreement, to combat child labour in Uganda, is under development.