All parties and insurers associated with the Dutch Association of Insurers (VvV) and Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (the umbrella organisation of ten Dutch health insurers) are annually assessed on the individual obligations in the agreement. There is also a check on the collective agreements.

The International RBC Agreement Insurance Sector has appointed an independent monitoring committee for this task. At the selection of the members of the monitoring committee, their position, knowledge and expertise of the investment world and knowledge of sustainability and corporate responsibility was taken into account.

Independent monitoring committee

The parties to the covenant have jointly appointed three members to the independent monitoring committee:

  • Wim Bartels (Partner Corporate Reporting at KPMG)
  • Liesbeth Enneking (Professor Legal Aspects of International Corporate Social Responsibility at Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Rens van Tilburg (Director bij Sustainable Finance Lab at Utrecht University)