Parties pilot natural stone visit Belgian quarry

TruStone Initiative | 27-05-2019

On Wednesday 22 May, a group of 20 participants of the pilot project on sustainable procurement (MVI) natural stone visited the Carrières du Hainaut quarry in Wallonia. The quarry is one of the largest in Europe. Hard stone is extracted, which is largely used for public space in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Directors in dialogue about progress of the agreement

Insurance sector | 24-05-2019

The directors of all participating parties to the International RBC-agreement in the Insurance sector met in May to discuss the progress of the agreement. Topics that were discussed included progress within various working groups, the climate change and some practical cases.

Dutch Banking Sector Agreement publishes a paper on enabling remediation

Dutch Banking Sector Agreement | 24-05-2019

Parties within the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement publish a paper on enabling remediation. The paper explores the role and responsibility of banks with regard to remedy, when connected to human rights impacts through client relationships. It summarizes the most important points of conversation, consensus and broadly shared insights and diverging perspectives where parties were unable to reach consensus.

Inspiration session stakeholders agreement food products sector

Agreement for the Food Products Sector | 23-05-2019

Which issues do companies in the food sector face when they start due diligence? How can parties within the agreement help companies to manage the risks in their international value chain? At the inspiration session of the IRBC Agreement for the Food Product sector on May 21 in Utrecht, practice played a central role.

Metals sector commits to responsible metals supply chains

Agreement for the Metals Sector | 23-05-2019

Stakeholders in the metals sector are joining forces to advocate for and stimulate international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the sector. Companies, industry associations, government, trade unions and civil society organisations will sign the ‘International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector: Delivering Responsible Metals Supply Chains Together’ on 23 May.

Indian partners Trustone Initiative visit the Netherlands

TruStone Initiative | 23-05-2019

On 23 May, participants in the TruStone Initiative and the pilot projects on socially responsible procurement of natural stone met with Indian partners from the NGOs Arisa and Coalitie Stop Child Labour.

Parties attend workshop on sustainable materials

Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile | 23-05-2019

On May 9th, the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles, Solidaridad and Modint organized a workshop on sustainable materials for companies and other parties to the Agreement.

Senate adopts due diligence bill on child labour


On Tuesday May 14th, the Dutch Senate adopted a child labour due diligence bill (initiatiefwetsvoorstel zorgplicht kinderarbeid). The bill asks companies to declare that they are taking the necessary steps to prevent child labour.

Agreement insurance sector worked on first practical case

Insurance sector | 14-05-2019

Parties in the Agreement in the insurance sector have jointly worked out a first case for international responsible investment (IMVO). During the session, a practical case study was conducted to discuss the positive impact that Dutch insurers can make in an international sector.

IRBC TruStone Initiative launched

TruStone Initiative | 13-05-2019

The Dutch and Flemish natural stone industry, the Dutch and Flemish governments, NGOs and trade unions have agreed to work together towards more responsible production and procurement of natural stone. The ‘IRBC TruStone Initiative’ came about after extensive discussions led by the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands.