Successful Due Diligence Kick-Off Session

Agreement for the Metals Sector | 13-12-2019

Companies active in the metals sector have gained more insight into how to get started with their due diligence. During the Kick-off Session on this subject, the companies were introduced to the Maturity Assessment Tool (MAT) for due diligence. This tool provides insight into the level of companies’ due diligence performance and helps them to further improve on this. The knowledge acquired at the session shall enable the companies put international responsible business conduct (RBC) into practice.

DBA presents White Paper Performance Indicators on Human Rights

Dutch Banking Sector Agreement | 13-12-2019

Under the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement, parties and banks agreed to jointly explore options for greater transparency including the development of meaningful and effective performance indicators to report on business and human rights (article 6.10.a).

Urban mined gold in jewellery

Agreement Responsible Gold | 12-12-2019

Recycled gold from African scrap phones is reused in high-quality jewellery. This is the result of a collaboration between Closing the Loop and the German jewellery brand VIERI.

Toolbox for the Dutch Pension Funds Agreement on Responsible Investment available

Agreement Pension Funds | 12-12-2019

On 12 December 2019, the Toolbox for the Dutch Pension Funds Agreement on Responsible Investment was published in Dutch. Today, the translation of the toolbox becomes available. This Toolbox provides guidance to pension funds for the implementation of the Agreement.

Broad recognition for multi-stakeholder initiatives at UN Forum


An exchange of good examples of cooperation in multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) facilitated by States to promote respect for human rights inspired many participants at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva on November 27.

TruStone Initiative welcomes the City of Amsterdam during kick-off event

TruStone Initiative | 29-11-2019

The TruStone Initiative is gaining momentum. At the kick-off event to mark the official start of the implementation phase, practical cases were presented to help the participants with implementing their International RBC policy. In addition, the City of Amsterdam was welcomed as a new participating member.

Maurits Derksen chair of the Metals Agreement

Agreement for the Metals Sector | 26-11-2019

Organisation sociologist Maurits Derksen has been apppointed chairman of the International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector. His appointment was officially confirmed by the Agreement parties last week.

Eight agreement-companies take extra step in transparency

Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile | 12-11-2019

Several companies participating in the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile have signed a Transparency Pledge. In doing so, companies commit to disclose the locations of their production sites, what type of garments are manufactured there, and how many people work at these sites.

Fruitful discussions on responsible metals sourcing during LME-Week

Agreement for the Metals Sector | 08-11-2019

Progress has been made with scaling up responsible sourcing efforts in the metals sector internationally. During the LME-week in London, the International Responsible Business Conduct Agreement for the Metals Sector engaged with a broad delegation of international stakeholders in de sector.

Dutch supermarkets commit to living wage in the banana sector

Agreement for the Food Products Sector | 08-11-2019

Dutch supermarkets have joined forces to ensure a living wage for banana workers in the international production chain. The partnering retailers aim is to reduce the gap between the currently paid wages and the living wage for their entire banana assortment by at least 75% within five years.