Lessons for financial institutions’ human rights due diligence in the private security sector


Private security companies often operate in high-risk areas. This involves major human rights risks, which are often overlooked in screenings and risk analyses. During a webinar, organized recently by PAX and Achmea Investment Management together with the international RBC Agreement for Pension Funds, experts gave information and recommendations on how pension funds can identify, prevent and mitigate risks in the private security sector. The recording of the webinar, recommendations and useful documents are now available.

Sustainability does not just come out of the blue


Both international RBC agreements, insurers and pension funds, are jointly involved in a collective engagement process aimed at preventing further loss of biodiversity. During a field visit to an organic farm, inspiring conversations arose between financial institutions, the government, science, NGOs and farmer Jan Wieringa. A longread on the visit is available.

Local engagement through global collaboration


The Dutch Responsible Business Conduct Agreement on responsible investment by Pension Funds has concluded its first engagement case, concerning a multinational mining company and its operations in Peru. In a lessons learned document, the Agreement presents achievements, key insights and recommendations. The parties involved want to inspire investors, NGOs, trade unions and governments to work together to create added value in supply chains.

Pieter van der Gaag guest in Crazy Money


Chairman Pieter van der Gaag contributed to an episode of the podcast series ‘Crazy Money’ by American author, comedian and podcaster Paul Ollinger.

OECD side event with participants from international RBC agreements


The OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains will take place on April 27 and 28 2021. During this forum, a side event about the hidden risks in mining supply chains will be organised by CNV. The focus will be on the countries Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.