Guidance to tackle health and safety risks in natural stone sector

The TruStone Initiative has released a guidance to support companies in the natural stone sector addressing risks in the field of safety and health issues at the workplace in their supply chains. The manual is available to everyone.

Marble cutting © Shutterstock / Daniele Gussago Photo

All workers, worldwide, have a right to a safe and healthy workplace. Unfortunately, that right is too often denied to them. Occupational safety and health (OSH) risks are significant in the natural stone sector, including a high probability of accidents and serious occupational health problems. It is therefore that the guidance 'Occupational Safety & Health' has been prepared to inform companies in the sector about these risks, how to recognise them and how to address them.

Previously, the TruStone Initiative issued English guidances on living wage and gender and discrimination. Those publications can be found on this page. In Dutch there is also a guidance on mapping the supply chain from the quarries to the points of sale (only available for participating parties) and a guidance on public communication. All publications in Dutch can be found on this page.

Download the guidance ‘Occupational Safety & Health’.