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Natural stone companies from the Netherlands and Flanders participate in the TruStone Initiative. In doing so, they are working on their responsible business conduct, receive support from the secretariat and meet the requirements of society, governments and other customers (consumers, stonemasons, retailers and contractors). This page lists per participating company since when it is a participating company to the TruStone Initiative and what the progress is with regard to the requirements.

Importing companies participating in the TruStone Initiative report annually to the secretariat. Companies that do not themselves import do not have to submit an annual report.

The assessment framework contains the Initiative’s requirements for due diligence which must be met by importing companies. These requirements become higher the longer a company is a member of the Initiative. The extent to which companies must implement them can differ. This depends, among other things, on the size of the company and its position in the value chain.

Progress of affiliated companies explained

For importers, the overview below indicates when the company has become a member of the TruStone Initiative and whether it meets the requirements related to the number of years it has been participating:

  • a green number after the company name means that the company meets the requirements associated with the relevant number of years the company has been participating;
  • an orange number means the company is still implementing the requirements;
  • a red number means that the company does not meet all the requirements and that the parties do not expect the company will do so within the current reporting year.

A link to the company's action plan is also included. In an action plan, the company indicates which risks it has encountered in its supply chains which it will tackle in the coming year. Companies that do not import materials which originate in, or are processed in, high-risk countries do not have to submit an action plan. High-risk countries are all countries outside of the European Economic Area (all EU-countries, and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

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