Due diligence in the metal sector

Step 4. Track implementation and results.

What is step 4?

Continuous tracking of progress (monitoring) is necessary if a company is to know whether its policy in the field of international RBC is being implemented optimally and whether identified risks have been responded to adequately. The results of the monitoring are used to improve due diligence processes in the future.

Know more about step 4?

Step 4 and the agreement

The due diligence efforts of randomly selected companies are assessed annually by an independent expert. The resulting findings and advice are shared with all participants in the agreement to improve due diligence processes.

The agreement does not yet offer a concrete instrument for implementing the fourth step. As soon as there is a need from the companies to develop an instrument for this, this is done jointly. Until then, companies can consult the network of experts within the agreement to assist them in carrying out step 4.