Due diligence in the metal sector

What is "step 5"?

Communicating to the outside world about the performance of due diligence. It is about a company showing how it respects people and the environment. A company does this, among other things, by communicating about the measures taken to identify and tackle potential and actual adverse impacts. Communicating the results of the measures taken is just as important.

Know more about step 5?

Step 5 and the agreement

The agreement offers an instrument to implement the fifth step as a company, the webtool provides a clear overview. The downloadable ‘due diligence report template’ helps companies to prepare their own report. The template also includes a checklist for companies to check whether their due diligence report complies with the OECD Guidance. During the preparation of the report, experts within the agreement can be consulted to improve the quality of the report.

In practice

Companies within the agreement with a public report: