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In order to achieve the greatest possible impact as quickly as possible, it is essential that large numbers of Flemish and Dutch companies and contracting authorities sign up to the TruStone Initiative.

Participation is essential to ensure maximum impact in the value chain. Customers are also increasingly demanding sustainable natural stone. Perhaps the most important customers in this sector are government authorities. We are already seeing that growing numbers of public procurement procedures require due diligence from their suppliers.

Businesses that sign up to the Agreement will be assisted in organising and implementing such due diligence processes. In this way, they will help bring about improvements in the value chain, and increase their chances of winning contracts.

Contracting authorities that sign up to the Agreement may receive support in formulating their invitations to tender and monitoring progress.

Information and signing up

For more information on how to sign up to the TruStone Initiative, please contact one of the affiliated sector organisations or email the SER in The Hague: