Natural stone companies work internationally. This entails risks: companies do not always know whether human rights violations or environmental damage are occurring somewhere in their production or supply chain. Companies participating in the TruStone Initiative want to conduct their business responsibly. They are aware of these risks and want to prevent or address them.

In addition to complying with (future) legislation, Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) means contributing to a fairer world by supplying products that are made in a responsible manner. Customers (including contracting authorities), employees, shareholders and society as a whole are increasingly asking for this. It also generates profit in your own supply chain, because better arrangements can be made with suppliers over a longer period. RBC will contribute to stable business operations and will reduce the risks that can lead to reputational damage.

Joint projects

The TruStone Initiative brings together Dutch and Flemish companies in the natural stone chain, governments, trade unions and social organizations to jointly tackle risks in the supply chain. This RBC agreement, which has been signed by all relevant parties in the Netherlands and Flanders, contains arrangements to achieve this. By signing the TruStone Initiative, you start the process with other companies to comply with the most important internationally applicable standards on discrimination and gender, child labour, forced labour, living wage, freedom of association and collective bargaining, health and safety, land rights and living environment.

Advice and support

The secretariat of the agreement is provided for by the Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER) and confidentially assesses the reports and action plans of participating companies to address the risks in their supply chain. The secretariat also sets up joint projects with participating companies, trade unions and social organizations to bring about improvements in the chain.

New markets

The TruStone Initiative is in conversation with buyers of natural stone, such as municipalities at home and abroad, to equate participation in TruStone with the certificates that some buyers require. TruStone goes beyond many of these certificates and offers participants much more. TruStone is also working on tightening the purchasing conditions of Dutch and Flemish contracting authorities. The aim is that companies committed to RBC, have a better chance of winning tenders than companies not affiliated with TruStone.

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TruStone Initiative for companies

All participating parties

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