About Remedies Towards a Better Workplace

This project is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The project started in October 2017 and will end by March 2020.

Project Partners

This project is coordinated by Hivos and implemented with six companies, Unicef, Arisa, SAVE, READ, CCR CSR, Fair Labor Association, INretail, and the secretariat of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile (hosted by the Social and Economic Council). The project is being implemented in the Netherlands, Bangladesh and India.

Project 'Combatting Child Labour in Garment Supply Chains'. This project is coordinated by Hivos and implemented with six companies,

Project Objectives

All project partners follow-up on the commitments made in the Agreement on a Sustainable Garment and Textile sector (AGT). We aim to permanently prevent and eliminate child labour in garment supply chains, including the lower tiers. In the long-term we aim to contribute to providing children and their families with a sustainable solution addressing the root causes of child labour and access to education. Direct engagement and collaboration between the brands, suppliers, FLA and the (local) NGOs is key to this project.

  1. Creating insight and transparency in the value chain of the companies beyond the first tier
  2. Developing methods for control mechanisms that go beyond auditing
  3. Assessing and identifying risks that are encountered in supply chains
  4. Adjusting the companies’ policies, procedures and tools accordingly
  5. Designing and implementing an action plan to sustainably address the issue of child labour and its root causes in the supply chains of the participating brands
  6. Adequate remediation measures
Project 'Combatting Child Labour in Garment Supply Chains'. Long-term goal en project goal.


Involved in multi-stakeholder project:
Combatting Child Labour in Garment Supply Chains

Project partners

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