Buying Practices Workshop

29 November 2018


'If the price you get to pay as a buyer is too good to be true, it most probably is'. On November 23, the workshop ‘Due diligence in your purchasing practices’ was held about how price quotation, terms of payment & forecasting can be done in a sustainable way. This workshop was organised by the Dutch Agreement for Sustainable Garments and Textile, in cooperation with Modint and Solidaridad.

Buyers learnt about the negative impact of low priced 'eye-catchers' and 'hotsellers', ordered last-minute and in large quantities, on both their suppliers and their suppliers' workers' working hours, wages and stress on the job. In one assignment the buyers even had to form their own production line and produce as many good quality t-shirts under a tight schedule as possible. A good case developed by ETI Norway. Despite the tough issues, it was an inspiring training. The companies shared lots of dilemma's, challenges and experiences. They also discussed what due diligence steps the participating brands can take with regard to their own purchasing practices.

One thing was clear: top management and CEO commitment and accountability is essential for CSR staff and buyers to be able to truly integrate this into their way of doing business. Without this high level 'buy in', they will not be able to organize internal support from other colleagues and to support suppliers on the improvements needed such as to not push them on prices and delivery terms.

Involved in the IRBC agreement

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